Enterprise-level web development is a broad field that touches so many areas of a company’s digital strategy. It’s not just about building websites and apps that target the enterprise. It’s about understanding business requirements and designing solutions that are not just accessible but also usable by employees.

At the highest level, enterprise-level web development is about digital transformation: how can your company’s online presence help it grow, expand its market, and improve its customer experience?

B2B Enterprise Web Development

The first level of enterprise-level web development is B2B. These solutions are designed for companies who do business with other companies and have complex requirements for their customer relationships. Some of the main challenges for B2B enterprise-level web development are integrating a variety of third-party apps and building an online presence that can support and deliver critical business functions.

This level of development is usually reserved for the largest enterprises such as Fortune 500 companies, or government agencies. These businesses have very strict standards for their web development partners and require them to meet specific criteria such as strict data compliance, security protocols, and performance requirements.

B2C Enterprise Web Development

The next level of enterprise-level web development is B2C. These solutions are designed for companies that do business with consumers, such as retailers, advertising agencies, and public relations firms. These organizations are looking to build a presence online to support and engage with their customers. The main challenge for B2C enterprise-level web development is creating a user-centered design that’s both accessible and usable by a wide range of people, with varying levels of technical knowledge and needs.

At the same time, these sites must protect sensitive information and comply with regulations like GDPR. B2C enterprise-level web development is best addressed with a user-centered approach. By designing for real people, not for the technology, you achieve a site that works for everyone.

Enterprise Content Management System

The final level of enterprise web development is a platform such as an enterprise content management system, or ECM. These solutions can be used to manage an organization’s digital assets.

ECM solutions are usually built on top of other enterprise-level web development platforms. They can range from powerful content management systems to a more simplified user interface that’s focused on making content management easier for employees.

ECM solutions are often used by large organizations that need a scalable way to manage their digital assets. It can also be a good fit for organizations that need the ability to make changes to their online presence, regardless of where those changes are made.

E-Commerce Platform Development

E-Commerce platforms are often at the heart of B2B and B2C enterprise-level web development. An e-commerce platform connects all of an organization’s digital assets—including its digital stores, back-end systems, and customer relationship management software—and integrates them into a seamless experience for consumers.

E-commerce platforms are often a critical component of any modern digital strategy. They help companies grow their revenue and increase their customers’ satisfaction. There are many e-commerce platforms on the market. It’s important to understand your business needs and find the right one for your organization.

Bottom line

Enterprise-level web development is a highly specialized field. It’s important to ask yourself how far your organization is ready to go with its online presence and how much it can afford to invest in its digital strategy. Enterprise-level web development isn’t right for every company. It requires both expertise and resources.

If you think your company will benefit from a more strategic approach to online presence and digital strategy, contact us today. Our team of experts can help you understand the challenges and opportunities of enterprise-level web development.

We’ll conduct a thorough assessment of your current situation, and we’ll create a detailed plan for your organization’s digital future.